Holophon Audio Arts is a non-profit organization supporting sound art and experimental music in Saskatchewan. The organization was founded in 2008 and is centered in Treaty 4 Territory/Regina.

Holophon engages communities using sound as an artistic medium, promoting sound art and experimental music through live performances, concerts, workshops, community events, and educational programming. In our projects we look for ways to unite artists and audiences across disciplines and specializations using sound as an integral artistic component.

Holophon works to increase awareness of and to develop sound art practices in the province of Saskatchewan and on the Great Plains of Canada, and to encourage and facilitate discussion around critical and creative listening.


Board of Directors

  • Ian Campbell

  • Ryan Hill

  • Ernie Dulanowsky

  • WL Altman

  • Amber Christensen

Past Board members:

  • Rebecca Caines

  • Carolyn Doi

  • Charlie Fox

  • Reilly Forbes

  • Erin Gee

  • Amber Goodwyn

  • John Hampton

  • Risa Horowitz

  • Ellen Moffat

  • Jeff Morton

  • David Ogborn

  • Eric Powell