Drone Day 2018 @ CVAF ( May 26th )

On Saturday, May 26, Holophon Audio Arts will present an extended performance event at the 2018 Cathedral Village Arts Festival.

This presentation will include musicians and ensembles performing alone and in groups. The event will begin in the morning and close with the street faire at 5pm. Our event will be a playful counterpoint to the wonderful bustle and noise of the celebrations on the street. We will create a space inside the Artesian with comfortable seating and ambient lighting to give a sense of relaxation, contemplation, and reflection as people enter to listen to patient and quiet performances by local artists engaging with the artistic theme: Drone Music. 

Learn more about Drone Day at droneday.org

OPEN CALL (Due April 27th)


Open Aperture: Film and Sound
A partnership between holophon audio arts and the Saskatchewan Filmpool

holophon invites Regina based musicians and audio artists to create new soundtracks for existing independent short films (3-5 minutes in length). Selected artists will be able to choose from a pre-selected group of short local films and re-imagine the soundtrack for one of the films. 

To submit: send us a C.V. and an audio sample of your work. Include one to five minutes of sound art, musical composition, film sound track or other sound based work. We will select up to three artists to participate in this project. holophon will pay artist fees to selected artists.


DEADLINE: April 27 2017. 
Selected artists will be notified by May 4th.


- Must be a Regina based sound artist.
- Must produce a completely new soundtrack for the chosen film
- The soundtrack must be completed in it's entirety by June 1, 2017