DIY electronics workshop & ultrasonic bat detector soundwalk

Holophon Audio Arts and Skull back Studios present_Bat Detector Sound WorkshopCall for Participants.png

What: DIY electronics workshop & ultrasonic bat detector sound walk
When: Saturday August 18, 2018
Where: Skullback Studios (45min North of Saskatoon)
Cost: $80 for workshop and soundwalk

Participants each construct a handheld electronic instrument for listening high above one’s usual ability, for example to hear the extremely high-pitched sounds that bats make. Visiting workshop leader Michael Grant (ON) will direct participants in assembling, wiring, and testing the new instruments, teaching and sharing techniques of DIY electronics. Later after the workshop, participants will be guided on an outdoor evening countryside sound walk augmented by the use of headphones and their new ultrasonic bat detectors. Notably, each participant will keep the bat detector that they build. All workshop materials and tools will be provided.

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Workshop participants each build their own Bat Detector from a kit provided to them at the workshop.

Workshop Leader:
Michael Grant (Ottawa ON) is a maker, product designer, embedded systems engineer, entrepreneur and new media artist. He currently operates a design and consulting company (Krazatchu Design Systems) and a laser and CNC sales/rental company (Capital Robot) at MakerSpace North. Through this work, he has acquired a diverse skill set including electromechanical engineering, embedded programming, computer aided manufacturing, supply sourcing and user interface.

As an active member of the maker community, Michael contributes extensive time to the technical assistance of artistic projects (Firefly), robots for education (CARL) and workshops (including the Bat Detector with the Ayatana Residency). He enjoys researching and developing technology to broaden human sensory perception, by making the invisible accessible.

Workshop: Saturday, August 18, 3-6pm
BBQ and social 6-8pm, Soundwalk 8-9pm

Workshop will take place at Skullback Studios, 45 minutes North of Saskatoon. An option for camping on site will be available for the cost of $30.

Maximum number of participants is limited.

To register please contact: