Holophonic Nights Op. 1 ( August 25th)


Holophon Audio Arts and T+A Vinyl and Fashion present:

Chad Munson & Lindsey Rewuski: Surface Tension


WL Altman, audio devices
with live visuals by Jeff Morton

*DJ set to follow by Sid Talukdar

$10 at the door

About Surface Tension:

Working at the crossroads of electronic sounds and visuals, as well as experimental digital and analog technologies, visual artist/designer Lindsey Rewuski and electronic music producer Chad Munson create an immersive atmosphere where sound and light influence one another. Chad and Lindsey have been performing together since 2015, sharing the stage with artists such as Loscil, Crys Cole, and Le Révélateur, and have performed at Pretty Good Not Bad (Victoria), the_SYNCHRESIS_series (Edmonton), Bring Your Own Headphones (Winnipeg), and more.


IG: @ghosthousestudio
Bandcamp: https://chadmunson.bandcamp.com 
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/262591634 (Surface Tension 2017) 


Chad Munson is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from the Canadian prairies. At the age of 7, he received a malfunctioning analog synthesizer. Listening to the broken synthesizer drift, drone and distort sparked a fascination with texture that has since defined his musical output. The sounds he creates are centred around digital signal processing modular synthesizers, lap steel guitar and field recording. His compositions are an exercise in deep listening which explore the boundaries of organic and synthetic sound, through chance processing and exact programming. 

Munson has been producing textural music since 1998 and released his first full length in 2004 on Andrew Duke’s Cognition Audioworks imprint, under the moniker foal. Since 2003 Munson has released work on Cognition Audioworks, Panospria, Nishi Records, and his own Magnetic Domain label.

Lindsey Rewuski is a multi-media artist and graphic designer. Her projection-based work is inspired by early light art, psychedelic light shows, visual poetry and expanded cinema. Exploring the physical process of making non-computer generated moving images and the performance aspect of creating visual art in real-time, Rewuski creates live visual expressions of sound, incorporating colored oils, chemicals, glass, organic materials, textiles, and other found objects into live performances that are projected onto screens and stages. The movement, composition, colours, and flow of her visuals are both inspired by and contribute to the experience of interacting with sound, designed in collaboration with the musicians and sound artists who perform the audio component. Rewuski has projected light through performance and installation across Western Canada. You can find more of her work on Instagram at @ghosthousestudio. 

WL Altman is a composer and interdisciplinary artist from Saskatchewan, Canada. His work includes concert music for instruments and voices with live and interactive technology, as well as immersive installations and performance art. Recently he has created music for New Brunswick’s Connections Dance Works and a new work for solo voice Without a Word for Helen Pridmore to be premiered in July at Sound Symposium XIX in St. John’s. His multi-media performance piece “GOYA: An Opera” was presented at the Shu-Box Theatre in Regina and Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana in Mexico City, again, with Helen Pridmore as the solo performer along with live DJ and VJ accompaniment. His work has been presented across Canada, and in the US, UK, Europe and Japan.